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Out of the Blue

Ludo Drinking Game

Ludo Drinking Game

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The Classic game of Ludo turned into a drinking game.

Includes 16x shot glasses, 2x dice and the board (31 x 31cm)


1. The game is played in rounds, with each player taking turns rolling the dice and moving their pieces.

2. If a player's piece lands on an opponent's piece, the opponent must take a drink.

3. If a player's piece lands on a "safe" space or gets sent back to the start due to an opponent's piece, they can assign drinks to another player of their choice.

4. If a player rolls a six, they can take an extra turn or assign drinks to another player.

5. If a player rolls three consecutive sixes, they must finish their drink.

6. The first player to get all of their pieces to the end of the path wins the game.

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