Making a Rule Examples

Here are some ideas of rules you can make. If someone breaks the rule they must drink.

No Cursing: Every time someone curses they must drink.

Yes Cursing: You must curse every time you talk. If you forget to curse in a sentence you must drink.

No First Name: You can't call anyone by their first name

No Pointing: If you point at someone you must drink. You'll be surprised how many people point.

Drink Ban: The word "drink" is banned. If you say "drink" you must drink.

Weak Hand: You can only drink with you weak hand.

Fancy Pinky: Every time you drink you must keep your pinky finger up.

Flirt: Every time you drink you have to blow a kiss at someone.

Cheers: Every time before you drink you have to say "Cheers".

T-T-T-Today Junior: You must repeat the last word in your sentence every time you talk, talk.

Seatbelt: Every time you stand up you must undo your invisible seatbelt. AND every time you sit down you must put your seatbelt back on.

Phrase like a Question?: Every time you talk you must sound like your asking a question.

The Photographer: The "photographer" has a camera. He/she must count down from 3 loudly, whilst pointing the camera in one place. After 3, anybody not in the photograph drinks.

The Scream: The rule maker at any point may place his hands on his cheeks, like The Scream painting. The last person to copy drinks.

The Narcissus rule: Everyone, including the rule maker, must compliment the rule maker every time they have to drink. No repeating compliments. You will get some very strange but hilarious compliments.

Copy / Paste: If anyone does or says something funny, you can say copy. Whenever you say paste to someone, they have to do or say the same thing.


Non Drinking Punishment:

Face Palm: If you break a rule you must put your palm on your forehead and keep it there until someone else breaks the rule and takes your place.

Floorhead:  If you break a rule you must put your forehead on the floor and keep it there until someone else breaks the rule and takes your place.

Long Stand: If you break a rule you must stand up. You can't sit down or lean on anything, until someone else breaks the rule and takes your place.


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