TONGUE is very simple to play. The aim is to collect 4 of a kind and discreetly stick your tongue out.

[PLAYERS - 4+]


What You Need

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    Set Up

    1. Deal four cards to each player

    How to Play

    1. Decide who goes first

    2. The first player takes a card from the top of the deck.

    3. They must discard one card to the next person on the right (clockwise).

    4. Each person keeps passing one card clockwise. 

    5. The last player places the card into a discard pile.

    6. The dealer does not have to wait before drawing the next card. 

    7. As soon as a player gets four of a kind, they quietly stick out their tongue.

    8. Once any player sticks out their tongue, the rest of the players also stick out their tongue. (You can keep passing cards to try to trick others.)

    9. The last player to stick out their tongue loses and must drink.

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