Where's The Water?

WHERES THE WATER? is a really good, easy game (if you can handle shots) 

[PLAYERS - 3+]


What You Need:

 > Clear Spirits (vodka, tequila, etc.)

    How to Play

    1. Get a shot glass for each player.

    2. Fill some of the shot glasses with clear spirits AND fill the rest of the shot glasses with water

    3. Mix up the shots so no one knows which ones have alcohol and which ones have water.

    4. Decide who's going first. 

    5. Each player takes it in turns to choose AND drink a shot and then say "mmm water" straight after.

    6. If they do this convincingly and no one calls them out, then it is the next persons turn.

    7. If you think they're lying then you can call them out

    If you are right (the person is lying), then that person must do another shot.

    If you are wrong (the person is telling the truth), then you must do a shot.

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