Screw Your Neighbour

SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOUR is a quick and fun game you can play multiple rounds in and get nice and drunk.

[PLAYERS - 3+]


What You Need


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Set Up

1. Shuffle and deal one card to each player face down.

2. Everyone reveals their card, and the player with the lowest number becomes The Dealer.

3. The Dealer shuffles and deals one card face down to each player.

How To Play

1. All players look at their card

2. The aim is to NOT have the lowest card. The player with the lowest card at the end of the round must drink.

3. The player to the left of the dealer starts.

4. On your turn, you can keep your card OR swap with the person to your left.

5. The person to your left must swap if asked

6. Take it in turns going clockwise around the circle.

7. When it is the dealer's turn, they can keep their card OR swap with the top card on the remaining deck.

8. An Ace CANNOT be swapped and must be turned over immediately, because it is the highest.

9. After the dealer's turn, all players turn over their card. The player with the lowest card drinks the number of sips equal to their card's value.

10. Players can combine their cards to make pairs, three of a kind, or four of a kind to outrank other cards.

11. The player to the left becomes the next dealer. You can play as many rounds as you like.

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