PROHO is a game created by us. It's perfect for any night out/in. 

[PLAYERS - 2+]



What You Need


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Set up

1. Deal out all the cards face down evenly to each player.

2. Each player now has there own pile. No one is allowed to look at their cards.

How To Play

1. The player dealt to first goes starts, and play continues clockwise.

2. Players take turns placing one card face up on the table in front of themselves, creating their own piles.

3. The game continues until two players have a matching pair of cards.

4. When a matching pair is found, both players participate in a challenge based on the card they matched.

5. The challenges for each pair are:

Pair of Ace's: Both players take 5 sips.
Pair of 2's: Assign heads or tails to both players and flip a coin.
Pair of 3's: The players play rock-paper-scissors.
Pair of 4's: The players roll a dice; the highest number wins.
Pair of 5's: The rest of the group pick a number between 1-10. The two players that matched must take it in turns guessing the number.
Pair of 6's: The players perform a party trick, and the group votes for the best one.
Pair of 7's: The players compete in an arm-wrestling match, a splits competitionOR a thumb war; the group chooses and judges the winner.
Pair of 8's: One player tells two true truths and one lie fact about themselves, and the other player has to guess which one is false.
Pair of 9's: The players take turns saying a word that rhymes with a given word; the first one who can't come up with a word loses.
Pair of 10's: The players tell the group something about themselves that nobody knows, and the group votes on the most surprising one.


6. The loser of each challenge takes 5 sips AND picks up all the face up cards.

7. For pairs of Jacks, Queens, and Kings, the players work together in the following challenges:


Pair of Jacks: The player who placed their card first says one word associated with someone in the group, and the other player has to guess who it is. If they guess right they win.
Pair of Queens: The players go back to back, and someone in the group asks them a question that they must answer by pointing to themselves or the other player who matched. If they say the same they win. 
Pair of Kings: The players close their eyes, and someone in the group asks them a question that they must answer by pointing to someone in the group who they think it is. If they point at the same person they win.


8. If the two players lose their challenge they must drink 5 sips each AND evenly split the face up cards between them.

9. If a player places the same card on top of their pile TWICE, they must take the number of sips equal to the number on the card.

10. If they do it THREE times, they must take double the number of sips on the card.

11. If they do it FOUR times, they can give out as many sips as the number on the card to four different people.

12. If a sequence of cards comes up, the players involved must do a waterfall, with the player who had the highest number in control.

13. If a player completes a waterfall and then turns over a card that adds to the sequence OR matches a card in the sequence, a new waterfall a drink.

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