PARANOIA is a really fun and simple game you can play with your friends. However, beware this game can make some people very paranoid. 

[PLAYERS - 5+]


What You Need:


How to Play:

1. Decide who goes first.

2. That person whispers a "Who" question to the person to their left. EXAMPLES HERE

3. The person being asked the question answers out loud, but cannot answer themselves or the person who asked the question.

4 .The person who answered the question plays rock paper scissors against the person they named.

5. If the named person wins, the question must be revealed to the entire group.

6. If the person who answered the question wins, then the question DOESN'T have to be revealed.

7.  If the person whose name was called wants still wants to know after rock paper scissors, they can take a shot for the question to be revealed.

8. You continue to go round the group, whoever was asked a question asks the next question.

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