OPUS is a really exciting and quick drinking game, that's perfect to get your night started. The aim of the game is to not be holding the dice when the beat drops in the song.

[PLAYERS - 3+]


What You Need:

 Dice or Dice App (depends on amount of players, we recommend 1 die for every 4/5 players)
 A Speaker or Phone to play music.

    How to Play:

    1. Decide who starts with the dice, if you are playing with more than 1 dice spread them out evenly so people beside each don't both have a dice.

    2. Press play on the song, Opus by Erik Prydz.

    3. As soon as the song is playing, who ever is holding a dice should roll it. 

    4. You KEEP rolling the dice until you get either a 1 or 6. 

    5. If you roll a 1 you pass the dice to the left

    6. If you roll a 6 you pass the dice to the right

    7. If you roll a 6 on your first try you can pass it to any player you want.

    8.  Whoever is holding the dice when the beat drops must do a shot or down a drink.

    Extra Rule(If your using a dice app on your phone):  You must pass the phone with the dice showing either a 1 or 6. If you roll the dice again after you got a 1 or 6. Then it doesn't count. you must keep rolling until you get another 1 or 6.

    Other songs you can use instead: 

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