MEXICALI is not a very well known game but it is a very fun bluffing game.

[PLAYERS - 4+]


What You Need:

 4 Dice or Dice App
 > 2 Cups

How to Play:

1. Decide who goes first.

2. The first player rolls two dice, shielding them so no one else can see and then they must quickly put a cup over them.

3. Only they are allowed to see the dice. 

4. Then the next player (going clockwise around the table), rolls the other two dice and hides them under a cup.

5. Once they both have their dice under their cups the first player announces to everyone what score he has (OR BLUFF what score he has).

6. The second player can either can either challenge him OR can pass on the dice

7. The second player should challenge him if:

1. Their score is better than the one announced.

2. If they think the first player is lying

8. If they challenge him then both players show their dice. These are the outcomes:

Outcomes 1st Player Highest: 2nd Player Highest:

1st Player is

Telling the Truth:

Player 2 drinks Twice Both drink

1st Player is

Telling a Lie:

Both drink Player 1 drink Twice


9. Whoever has the highest score wins, and they start the next round by rolling and hiding the dice first.

10. The player to the loser's left rolls the other two dice.

11. If a player decides to pass instead of challenge. They must show their dice, take a sip AND give the dice to the person to the left.

12. The game can be played for as many rounds as you like.


The scoring is a bit tricky. The score is based off the highest value and lowest value of the dice.

(John rolls a 2 and 6, his score is 62)

1. If you roll and a pair. You multiply the value of the pair by 100

(John rolls a 3 and 3, his score is 300)

2. If you roll a 1 it has a special rule. You only have to do the special rule once the dice have been shown.

3. Here are all the scores:

2-1 "21" Mexicali Beats all (This Score Wins, everyone else must drink)
3-1 "31" Reverse (The order of playing is reversed)
3-2 "32"
4-1 "41" Give 2, Take 2 (You must take 2 extra sips AND give 2 sips)
4-2 "42"
4-3 "43"
5-1 "51" Rule Maker (Make a Rule for the rest of the game)
5-2 "52"
5-3 "53"
5-4 "54"
6-1 "61" Social (Everyone Drinks)
6-2 "62"
6-3 "63"
6-4 "64"
6-5 "65"
1-1 "100"
2-2 "200"
3-3 "300"
4-4 "400"
5-5 "500"
6-6 "600"

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