King's Cup / Ring of Fire

King's Cup also know as Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, and Waterfall is a very popular game known all around the world. 

[PLAYERS - 3+]


What You Need


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 A Cup (For Kings Cup)

Set Up

1. Place the cards face down in a circle around a cup to create the King's Cup.

2. Arrange the cards so that they are touching each other on both sides to create a chain of cards.


How To Play

1. Players take turns picking cards in a clockwise direction.

2. Before picking a card, pour a small amount of your drink into the King's Cup.

3. If you break the chain when picking a card, you must chug the King's Cup.


4. Each card corresponds to a specific action (see below):

 2 (You): Choose someone to drink
 3 (Me): You drink
 4 (Floor): Last person to touch the floor with their hand drinks
 5 (Guys): All guys drink
 6 (Chicks): All girls drink
 7 (Heaven): Last one to put their hands up drinks
 8 (Mate): Choose someone to be your drinking buddy. Every time one of you drinks the other one has to as well.
 9 (Rhyme): Pick a word. Everyone else must say a word that rhymes with your word until somebody can't think of one. Who ever fails drinks.
 10 (Categories): Pick a Category. Everyone else must say things that are in that category until somebody can't think of one. Who ever fails drinks
 Jack (Never Have I Ever): Ask a "Never Have I Ever" Question. Whoever hasn't done it must drink. If no one has done it, you must drink.
 Queen (Question Master): Whenever someone answers one of your questions, they must drink. You keep this power until someone else picks a queen.
 King (Make a Rule and King's Cup): Make a rule and pour some of your drink into the King's Cup. (EXAMPLES HERE)
 Ace (Waterfall): Everyone starts chugging their drink. The person who picked the card can stop whenever they want, and the person to their left can stop only after they do.


5. The game ends when all four Kings have been picked. The person who picks the last King must chug the King's Cup.


 These are our favourites rules but you can use other rules you prefer. Here are some more ideas for you to choose from:

Give 2, Take 2: You must take 2 sips and you must choose someone else to take 2 sips as well

Truth or Dare: Ask someone a truth or dare. If they don't answer the truth or do the dare, they must drink.

Thumb: Last one to put the thumb on the tabledrinks

Queasy Creation: You can combine any three drinks from the table into one shot; then pick someone to take it.

Social: Everyone takes a sip.

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