Ace Race

ACE RACE is a fun game for people that like horse race or like to BET.

[PLAYERS - 2+]


What You Need


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Set Up

1. Take all four of the ACE'S out of the deck AND line them face up horizontally. They represent the horses.

2. Line up 5-10 cards face down vertically, starting from the row of Ace's, to create the track

3. Place the rest of the cards in a face down pile beside the track.

How To Play

1. Each player places an alcohol bet on one of the horses.

2. The dealer turns over cards one by one

3. When a card is turned over, the matching Ace moves UP one space on the track.


4. Once all horses get passed a vertical row, the face down card must be turned over. The matching Ace moves DOWN one space


5. The first Ace to reach the end of the track wins the race. Players who bet on the winning Ace are safe, and others must drink their bet.


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