Give and Take

GIVE AND TAKE is a drunken version of truth or dare, that is great way to get to know people. 

[PLAYERS - 4+]


What You Need


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Set Up

1. Lay out 2 parrel rows of 8-12 cards face down

2. Assign ONE to be the truth row and the other ONE to be the dare row.

3. Deal out four cards to each player face up 

How To Play

1. Decide who goes first.

2. Players take turns turning over a card from either row, going clockwise.

3. If a player has a matching card, they must do the truth/dare the other player says.

4. Refusing to do the truth or dare results in drinking a number of sips based on the card's position. 

5. Starting at 1 sip for the first row, add one sip per row

6. If a player has a matching card with their own turn AND no one else matches, they must drink the sips for that card's position.

7. Players must turn over cards in order within each row.

8. The game ends when all cards in both rows have been turned over.

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