Fuzzy Duck

FUZZY DUCK seems like a simple game but can actually be quite tricky so you need to stay sharp. 

[PLAYERS - 3+]


What You Need


How To Play

1. Sit in a circle

2. Decide who starts.

3. First player starts the game by saying "fuzzy duck"

4. The player to their left responds with "fuzzy duck" or "duzzy" within a few seconds.

5. If they say "fuzzy duck", play passes to the next player to the left who can say "fuzzy duck" or "duzzy".

6. If they say "duzzy", play reverses direction and the next player to the right says "ducky fuzz" instead.

7. Keep going around the circle, changing directions as desired, until someone makes a mistake.

8. If a player makes a mistake (e.g. taking too long to answer, saying the wrong words, or answering out of turn), the round ends and that player must take a shot.

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