Flip Cup

FLIP CUP is a very well known drinking game. It's great for a big group because it gets everyone involved but you can also play with just two people.

[PLAYERS - 2+]


What You Need

 > Minimum 8 Cups BUY HERE
 A Table (The longer the better)

    Set Up

    1. Place a row of cups on both sides of the table.

    2. Pour an equal amount of beer into each cup.

    How to Play

    1. Pick teams

    2. If the group is an odd number choose someone to go twice 

    3. Each team has a player standing next to each cup.

    4. The game starts with the first two players from each team chugging their beer AND trying to flip their cup upside down.

    5. Once a player flips their cup successfully, the next player on their team can start their turn.

    6. The team that finishes drinking all their beer AND flipping all their cups the fastest wins.

    Note: If playing 1v1, set up the game the same way but move on to the next cup after flipping one and repeat.

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