CONFIDENCE is a great simple game to get the party started. Test your luck with 50/50 chance of drinking. How confident are you?

[PLAYERS - 2+]


What You Need



 > A Coin or Dice


    Set Up

    1. Put a cup in the middle of the table

    How to Play

    1. Decide who's going first.

    2. Each player takes turns pouring their drink into the middle cup.

    3 . The player pouring, either flips a coin and calls heads/tails 

    5. If they guess wrong, they drink what's in the middle cup.

    6. If they guess right, play continues to the next person.

    7. Repeat steps 3-6 until someone drinks what's in the middle cup.

    8. This is a short game so you can play as many rounds as you want.

    Note: Dice can be used instead of a coin to adjust the odds. If a player rolls the number they called, they must drink.

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