BEERAMID is a game of bluff. If you are a good liar you'll be able to make your friends drink plenty of drinks.

[PLAYERS - 2+]


What You Need


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Set Up

1. Put down 15 cards face down in pyramid formation with five cards at the base and one card at the top. Like this:

2. Deal out four cards to every player.

How To Play

1. Flip over the top card to start them game.

2. If a player has (or pretends to have) a card with the same value, they can tell another player to drink.

4. The amount they have to drink depends on the cards position in the pyramid

5. 1st Row = 1 Sip, 2nd Row = 2 Sip, 3rd Row = 3 Sip, 4th Row = 4 Sip, 5th Row = 5 Sip

*The numbers indicate how much sips each card is worth*

6. If a player has multiple matching cards, the drink amount is multiplied by the number of matching cards they have (or claim to have).

7. The player who was told to drink can either drink OR accuse the player of lying.

8. If accused, the player must either show their card OR drink double the assigned amount.

9. If the accused player was telling the truth, the accuser must drink double the assigned amount.

10. Once a player shows their card, they must discard it AND draw a new one.

11. The game ends when all the cards have been turned over.

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