Back to Back

BACK TO BACK is a great game for close friends who know each other very well.

[PLAYERS - 3+]


What You Need


How To Play

1. Decide which two people are playing first. 

2. The two players must sit back to back facing opposite directions and they must both have a drink in hand.

3. The rest of the group then take turns asking Who Questions. (Example Question: Who can do the most shots in one night?) MORE EXAMPLES HERE

4. If the player thinks the answer is themselves, they must take ONE sip.

5. If the player thinks the answer is the other person, they must take TWO sips.

6. The players are not allowed to talk when answering the questions.

7. If they both answer the same person they get it correct and you can ask them another question.

8. If they answer different people they get it wrong and they must take another sip, and then you can ask them another question.

9. You can ask as many question as you like. We advice asking each pair 10 questions then switching the pair.

You can also keep track of how many questions each pair gets right and at the end once everyone has played you can reveal who is the best pair.

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